Pilgrim's History

In 1988, Pilgrim Telephone embarked on a journey to offer enhanced phone communication to both business and non-business customers. From the beginning, our focus was on augmenting consumer communication choices by designing new services that marry leading-edge technology and contemporary sociability. As the market for enhanced services grew, Pilgrim expanded into long-distance and calling card programs. We pioneered SafeCall, an anonymous collect calling program and then introduced social service chat lines in cooperation with AIDS Action Committee as free public health service to community.

In the late nineties, we released our flagship product: The Connections™ class of services. Today we continue offering new solutions and designing compelling new products for our customers and offering profitable opportunities to our business partners. The Connections™ suite of products has expanded to include 33 cities and several other countries.


Corporate Focus

Recently, Pilgrim has focused on exploring new telecommunications markets, developing applications that provide communication channels to international and domestic operators by introducing Spanish Connections™ and Asian Connections™ to serve Spanish-speaking and Mandarin-speaking communities in the U.S. and overseas.

We continually strive to raise the bar on our technical systems and engineering expertise. Currently, Pilgrim offers voice-based teleconferencing, telemessaging, live psychic entertainment, and Connections™ services to an international audience. Pilgrim's Connections services are unique to Pilgrim in North America. We offer a domestic and international community of active customers and offer twice the hold times than other pay-per-call services. All services are fully customizable as required, including voice talent, discussion topic, and access methods.


Global Partnerships

Pilgrim has a proven Telco-grade solution with a track record for providing outstanding open-forum teleconferencing service to its marketing partners. The success of our alliances is built on partnerships in access, billing and marketing. Partnerships include Verizon, Ameritech, Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell, SNET, and Bell Canada. Pilgrim's Connections class of service applications is active in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, with South America and China coming online soon. With Pilgrim time-to-market is immediate, cost of ownership (capital and/or operational expense) is minimal and the services are available and profitable from the start.


Patents and Trademarks

Pilgrim was the first, and remains the only, provider to maintain its own independent research and development capability. As a result, Pilgrim is, time and again, first to market with the latest innovations in social communication. Pilgrim's leadership is demonstrated and protected by its patent portfolio, including issued and pending patents covering its unique technology. Pilgrim's patent portfolio, has been referenced by over 58 other issued patents.

Pilgrim's trademarks provide its partners a rich portfolio of protected brand names for their use in marketing Pilgrim's services

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