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Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing, L.P.December 11, 2000

Pilgrim Telephone, Inc. Purchases a License Under

The Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing L.P. Patents.

Los Angeles, CA - It was announced today Pilgrim Telephone Inc., based in Cambridge, MA has acquired a license under the patent portfolio held by Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing L.P.

The license covers Pilgrim’s automated Service Bureau and Electronic Classifieds activities.

The 42 United States patents held by Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing L.P., and numerous foreign equivalents, cover a wide range of interactive technology including automated forms of: customer service, merchandising, prepaid services, telephone conferences, registration, home shopping, as well as functions involved in securing information from databases by telephone, interactive cable transactions, and various other uses of 800, 900 and local numbers. More than 15 additional patents are currently pending in this portfolio.

According to management at Pilgrim Telephone, Inc., "Based on all of the recent activity involving the Katz Patent Portfolio, we felt that is was necessary both for the protection of our company and our customers, to obtain this important patent license"

Ronald A. Katz, chief executive of Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing L.P. added "We are very pleased to welcome Pilgrim Telephone, Inc., to the increasing list of companies who have purchased license rights under this portfolio."

A large number of companies are licensed under the Katz portfolio, they include American Express, AT&T Corp., First Data Corporation, Home Shopping Network Inc., International Business Machines (IBM), Microsoft, MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc., NextLink Interactive, Sprint, Tele-Communications Inc. (now known as AT&T Broadband), The Gallup Organization, Universal Card Services Corp., West Interactive Corporation, and WORLDCOM.

Mr. Katz is the named inventor on over 50 patents primarily in the fields of telecommunications and computing. He formed Telecredit, Inc. the nation’s first on-line real time credit and check cashing authorization system, and was awarded a patent as co-inventor of that technology.

Pilgrim Telephone, Inc. is an enhanced telecommunications services company based in Cambridge, MA.


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